Respiratory Service

It is a community based respiratory service for patients with long term respiratory diseases including COPD patients.

It aims to help patients regain confidence, improve symptoms, and prevent avoidable hospital admissions through rapid intervention and regular reviews. Home Oxygen Specialist nurses undertake home oxygen reviews at 6 months for new prescriptions and annually thereafter.

Specialist Nurses and Physiotherapists contact patients within two hours following a referral from a GP or health professional and provide domiciliary visits to a patient’s home to stabilise the patient’s condition and to support them to remain independent and out of acute care. This may be followed by a further period of reablement.

The Pulmonary rehab programme provides twice weekly supervised exercise and education programme for patients disabled by their breathing at the MRC Scale of 2 and above, (despite being on optimal medical therapy as defined by NICE guidelines, and who have been classified as Mild/Moderate disease).

Oxygen saturations should be ideally at 92% or above but patients can be reviewed if they have an oxygen prescription.

The service is available from 09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday (after 16:00 the patient may not be seen until the following day).

Contact details

Referral via the Hub

Call 0300 365 1234


Service number

Call 0118 904 6555 (option 1)

Coley Clinic, Carsdale Close, Reading, RG1 6DL