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Protect yourself against fraud

We often send messages by post, email, or text to let you know appointment details and reminders.

Unfortunately, sometimes you may receive a fraudulent, or 'fake', message from someone trying to take advantage. We want you to recognise a fraudulent message if you receive one.

If you have any doubt at all about the message you’ve received, please contact the hospital/clinician you’ve been in contact with. You can also contact our fraud specialists:

Visit NHS Counter Fraud Authority online (opens new browser tab)

Call 0800 028 4060

We normally ask for any bank details in writing, which can include it being sent or received by email if you (or the payee) are happy to send it that way. 

We don't accept bank details over the phone but, as part of our security checks when setting up a new payment account, we will call (not email) you (or the payee) to verify the bank details provided. 

We may ask you for your bank account details if:

  • We're processing reimbursement for your travel expenses as a patient
  • We’re returning money that has been held in safekeeping whilst you were on one of our inpatient wards
  • We’re making a payment to you as a patient/service user for providing support and input into the work of our Trust
  • We’re reimbursing you for any services where you may have been charged previously (e.g., Hearing Aids)
  • We’re paying you volunteer expenses (if you’re also a patient)

We would never ask a patient for money or payments unless it is specifically for paying for items that are not funded by the NHS, such as:

  • Payment for replacement of a hearing aid where the original was lost
  • Dental treatment
  • Supply of prescription drugs if the patient is not exempt from charges
  • An overseas visitor who is not eligible for free NHS secondary healthcare treatment, including supplies of drugs (payment would be needed in advance)
  • Private patient treatment 

If you feel you’ve received excellent treatment and would like to offer money as thanks, please do not give this directly to our staff.

Instead, please use our JustGiving page to donate. We use your donations for a wide variety of things, including general staff welfare, wellbeing activities, and staff events.

Visit our JustGiving page (opens new browser tab)

Find out how to make a donation (opens new browser tab)