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Workplace shadowing and experience

We know that choosing a future career can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience and it’s important that you explore all of your options before making a decision. Whether you always knew you wanted to work in the NHS or you’re thinking about it for the first time now, workplace shadowing and work experience are a great way to learn more about the different careers available.

Our unpaid placements can last for up to one week and will give you a real insight into how our services operate day-to-day, the types of healthcare problems we diagnose and treat, and how we transform the lives of each and every one of our service users.

If you’re considering a future in healthcare, get in touch with our team to find out about our workplace shadowing and experience opportunities.


Who can apply

Workplace shadowing and experience are available to anyone aged 16 or over and living in the European Union (or holding a suitable work permit that allows you to work in the UK).

If you’re aged 16-17, please make sure that your application is signed by both your parent or guardian and your tutor or careers officer.

There’s a lot of demand on our placements so - if you’re in higher education - we can only accept applications to shadow the service you’re becoming qualified in. 

How to apply

Get in touch if you're interested in finding out more


We’ll let you know which opportunities we have available (not all of our services are suitable for shadowing or work experience) and put you directly in touch with one of our service leads.

Once you’ve agreed on a date for your placement, we’ll send over an application form and carry out a few pre-placement checks.

Read and sign our code of conduct (pdf)

What else you can do

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Find out more

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