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Digital Transformation

As a Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) trust, we're using new and innovative technology to empower our staff and patients, so we can continue to provide outstanding care.

We’re the first of the seven Community and Mental Health NHS trusts in England to achieve GDE accreditation.

Our transformation programme involved 19 projects, across four different initiatives: 

  • Direct patient access and communications
  • Digital Wards and services
  • Digital Workforce
  • Research and QI 

Watch our video below, or visit our YouTube channel, to find out what being an accredited GDE trust means for our patients and staff.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch our video - What does being a Global Digital Exemplar mean for me? (opens new browser tab)

How we’re transforming care

Many of our services can now send digital appointment letters directly to patients through their smartphones and devices.

This means they can securely find all the information they need to know about their appointment, instantly.

Read more about the Digital Appointment Correspondence (DAC) (opens new browser tab)

The Mood Diary helps our patients record how they’re feeling, and offers suggestions on how to boost their mood and overall wellbeing.

What makes the app unique is that it can securely send updates from patients, into their digital healthcare record. Our teams can look at their progress at the next appointment and adjust their care to suit their needs.

Read more about the Mood Diary (opens new browser tab)