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Prospect Park Hospital

Prospect Park Hospital is our main site for people in Berkshire with mental health conditions. We have a number of inpatient wards, including a specialist dementia ward, and a specialist unit for people with learning disabilities.

We also have a healthcare library which is open to all our staff, other local trusts and medical students. 

Visit our Healthcare Library service page (opens new browser tab)

Prospect Park

The majority of patients visiting one of our wards will be staying overnight.

If you want to visit a friend or family member, please come between the following times:

Day of the week Opening time
Monday 2.30pm to 8pm
Tuesday 2.30pm to 8pm
Wednesday 2.30pm to 8pm
Thursday 2.30pm to 8pm
Friday 2.30pm to 8pm
Saturday 10.30am to 12pm
2.30pm to 8pm
Sunday 10.30am to 12pm
2.30pm to 8pm

If you can't make it between these times, please make special arrangements with the team on your ward. 

Oakwood unit

Our Oakwood unit is open to visitors from 2pm to 8pm every day.

However we ask that visitors avoid arriving between 5pm and 6pm.

This is when our patients have their evening meal, and we would like to avoid any unnecessary disruption. 

Day of the week Opening time
Monday 2pm to 8pm
Tuesday 2pm to 8pm
Wednesday 2pm to 8pm
Thursday 2pm to 8pm
Friday 2pm to 8pm
Saturday 2pm to 8pm
Sunday 2pm to 8pm

PPH garden

We have a number of facilities at Prospect Park Hospital, including:

We understand that being in hospital can make some patients feel unsettled. 

Due to their mental health condition, some patients may feel uneasy and may be a risk to themselves or to other patients and staff. 

We’re committed to working in the spirit of the Act, and to use methods to help keep patients calm and our staff safe while we provide care. 

Read our Use of Force leaflet (pdf)

We can help support and treat you for severe and complex mental health difficulties, referring you onto other services where appropriate.

Visit our CMHT service webpage

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