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Visitor guidance

Preferred visiting times

We encourage family and friends to visit their loved ones whilst they are in hospital.

We are flexible about visiting and will do everything we can to help you visit at a time that is convenient to you and the patient. Therefore, we don't have fixed visiting hours but we would generally ask that you to come in between 10am and 8pm.

If this isn’t suitable, please talk to us so that we can make arrangements to avoid disturbing other patients.

Day Preferred visiting times
Every day 10am to 8pm, but please contact us if you need to arrange an alternative time

Please bear in mind that while in hospital your family member or friend may be receiving specific treatment or have a personal care plan in place which they need to follow. Part of any patient’s recovery is also the ability to receive good nutrition and sleep.

Please talk to your loved one and/or ward staff team when arranging your visit so that you arrive at a time that fits around treatment and meal times. 

Very occasionally, a patient's wishes regarding visiting may not be the same as the person wishing to visit. In this case, we will always give priority to the patient in our care.

Who can visit 

Patients are welcome to have two visitors at a time. However, if you would prefer to bring additional family or friends to the visit, please speak to us in advance as we may be able to accommodate this in a day room (depending on availability), or outside in the garden, weather permitting.

We recommend not bringing children under 12 to visit but again, please speak to the ward team.

If we have a suspected or confirmed infection on the ward, we will let you know and if you would still like to visit, we will ask you to wear a face mask and follow hand hygiene and other precautions where indicated. 

However, in order to protect all our patients, if you have had an infectious illness up to two days prior to your visit e.g. diarrhoea, vomiting, rashes, a heavy cold, cough or COVID/ flu, we would ask you to please rearrange your visit. In this case, please do ask us about the option of having phone or video contact.

Visit our Infection Prevention and Control service page

We recognise the importance of being able to visit loved ones at this difficult time and as with all visiting, we will be as flexible as possible.

Should you wish to visit but have a known or suspected infection, please speak to us. We will do everything we can to support you with appropriate PPE and infection control precautions.

However, as you will appreciate, we have to be mindful of the risks to other very poorly patients and therefore we will need to make a final decision on a case-by-case basis.

Visit our Palliative care service page

If you are attending an appointment that does not require an overnight stay, you are welcome to bring along a family member, friend or advocate. Please speak to us if you require any special adjustments to make this possible.

You can find more information about ward facilities and mealtimes on each ward page.


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