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Opportunities for development

Every member of our trust is unique, with their own plans for the future, so we’ve developed a catalogue of flexible training and educational opportunities that will cater to your specific needs.

Each year, we’ll sit down with you to identify your short and long-term goals and give you advice on how best to achieve them through personal development. 

Training courses and conferences

You’ll have the opportunity to take part in internal and external training courses and conferences to help you develop new skills and grow in your role. These can be face-to-face (one-on-one sessions and group learning) or online (e-learning, webinars and Skype).

Continuing education

If you decide to continue with your education, we’ll support you through study days, advanced nurse practitioner courses, and masters programmes.

Coaching and mentoring

All of our managers are taught coaching skills as part of our Excellent Manager Course to help you learn and develop in your role. We can also help find you a mentor from within our trust or from another NHS organisation.

Management courses

Whether you’re starting your first management role or are a seasoned professional, we have a range of courses to help you develop, practice and refine your management style, including Excellent Manager, Compassionate Leadership, Senior Clinical Leaders and Talent Management programmes.

Visiting our library

You’ll find a fully stocked medical library at our Prospect Park Hospital in Reading. You’ll also have access, free of charge, to all the latest research publications, articles, journals and databases through our online portals.

Find out more about our library on the Healthcare Libraries website (opens new browser tab)