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Patient visitor coordinators

Patient visitor coordinators

Due to COVID-19, we’ve introduced a new appointment system for visitors. All patient visitors must contact the wards first before arriving, and must follow all guidelines on face coverings and social distancing.

We’re looking for volunteers to be the first point of contact for visitors who arrive at our hospitals, and help guide them on what to do. 

There are opportunities at our West Berkshire Community Hospital, Wokingham Hospital and our Oakwood Unit ward at Prospect Park Hospital.

Notice to all applicants

Please note, there is a potential risks of COVID-19 with this role. Do not apply for this role if you're an 'at risk' individual.

While all our volunteers will be provided and trained on correct use of PPE and briefed on strict infection control measures and we will manage visiting consistent with best health and safety considerations, we cannot alleviate all risk.

Visit the NHS website to read more about COVID-19

Read more about our notice to all visitors

You must be at least 18 years old to apply. 

Key tasks

  • Be first point of contact for patient visitors attending their pre-arranged visit
  • Liaising with ward staff to collect patient and take to visiting pod (wheelchair transfer) and return
  • Assist in preparation of visiting pods ensuring set-up meets social distancing and health and safety requirements are met
  • Recording all visitor contact details and times in register/log-book
  • Communicating to visitors their responsibilities and health and safety obligations – ensuring patient visitor instruction information distributed (placed on table on set-up)
  • Provide face masks to visitors as required

Personal characteristics and experience needed for this role

  • Minimum age for this role is 18 years
  • Friendly, approachable disposition, good communicator
  • Mindful, responsible and mature attitude to risk and health and safety
  • Knowledge and experience of using cleaning products
  • Reliability and punctuality
  • Wear volunteer I.D. badge
  • Clear understanding of confidentiality

Managing risk – Keeping you safe

  • We can only offer this volunteer role to people not deemed as being in the “at risk “ group – we will undertake a wellbeing risk assessment with you
  • You will be required to undertake training in use of PPE and training in infection control and participate in briefing/up date sessions as needed and adhere to control measures and duties as instructed
  • You will be personally responsible for not undertaking any task or action which would knowingly cause risk to self or others
  • You will, as far as reasonably practicable, prevent other people from undertaking actions which would knowingly cause risk to themselves or others
  • You will complete a triage checklist upon each visit confirming you are symptom free and not travelled as per government guidelines etc.
  • You agree to advise the ward contact immediately if you subsequently show symptoms within 14 days of attendance. Equally you do not attend in this circumstance 

Find out more and apply

For further information and to submit an application please contact relevant ward representative from our hospitals.

West Berkshire Community Hospital

Christine Stockwell, Ward Administrator

Email Christine.Stockwell@berkshire.nhs.uk

Wokingham Hospital

Lorraine Nye, Ward Administrator

Call 01189 495 119

Email Lorraine.Nye@berkshire.nhs.uk

Oakwood Unit, Prospect Park Hospital

For further information and to submit your application, please contact Melanie Rubia, Oakwood Unit Manager          

Call 0118 960 5933

Email Melanie.Rubia@berkshire.nhs.uk