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Diabetes Awareness Week 2023: Patients awarded prestigious diabetes medal

Group of patients with Theresa May MP

This Diabetes Awareness Week (12-18 June) we’re celebrating 12 of our patients with type 1 diabetes who have received a commemorative medal, in recognition of managing their condition for over 50 years.

The recipients, who have all been receiving care from our Diabetes Specialist Service at King Edward VII Hospital in Windsor, were awarded the Alan Nabarro medal presented by Theresa May MP on behalf of Diabetes UK, at a special presentation ceremony.

The medal is awarded to people who have lived with diabetes for 50 years recognising the courage and perseverance of those living with the condition. Many of those receiving medals at the event have lived with diabetes for even longer, including one patient who has been living with diabetes for 75 years.

Theresa May gave a brief talk at the event about her own experience of being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and spoke optimistically about recent research into the condition.

To the award recipients she said: “The message your presence is giving, is that this is not something that stops your life, you can carry on, you can do anything you want in life. I’m really pleased that we’re recognising people who have shown the way, and will continue to show the way, to others who are diagnosed with diabetes”.

Dr Emma Bingham, Lead Diabetes Consultant at Berkshire Healthcare, said:
We are proud to help treat this group of inspirational people, who demonstrate that it is possible to live active, healthy and successful lives with diabetes. However, we are aware that it still takes a lot of effort for each person, requiring support from families and carers every day, so it’s a real privilege to be able to celebrate with our patients and their families, this fantastic achievement of living 50 years or more with diabetes”.

At the event, attendees were able to view a display of diabetes memorabilia from over the years, featuring old urine sample testing kits, injection kits and information booklets, charting how the equipment has evolved over the decades, to the more modern treatment used today.

In addition to those presented with the medal in the ceremony, a further 16 people with type 1 diabetes who have been receiving care from the Diabetes Specialist Service, but were unable to attend, will also be receiving awards.

Diabetes Specialist Service team

The Diabetes Specialist Service team pictured with Theresa May MP.

The Diabetes Specialist Service team

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