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“I had been feeling very isolated and they gave me an opportunity to feel heard.”

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This year’s Mental Health Awareness Day theme is ‘Mental Health is a universal human right.’ Mental health is made up of many factors, one commonly overlooked is the need for human connection. The Let’s Connect Wellbeing Network offer informal, relaxed community socialising sessions for people aged 18 and over, aimed at reducing isolation and improving general well-being through connection. They also provide one-to-one support in the community for people who may need it.

Read more to find out how Richard from Wokingham has benefited from joining the Let’s Connect Wellbeing Network. 

Tell us a bit about your journey to Let's Connect.

“I first heard about Let's Connect from another support service I was working with at the time. I'd been looking for new opportunities to be with others, so I decided to make the call. I had a very encouraging initial chat with one of the group facilitators, whose enthusiasm for the project really came through. We made plans to have a further chat and things went on from there.” 

How has the network supported you?

“Initially, I decided I would utilise the one-to-one sessions that were being offered and join the group afterwards if I felt up to it. This worked well and I was able to do both on each occasion. It was very helpful to have the one-to-one sessions initially, as I had been feeling very isolated and they gave me an opportunity to feel heard, in person, which was important to me. It was nice to meet others who came to the group and share their thoughts and experiences.”

What is the main thing you get out of being part of the Let's Connect Network?

“The main thing I've got from being part of the network is the opportunity to spend time with others, in a comfortable, relaxed setting. I hope I've been able to be supportive to others, with listening, words of support and also regular attendance at Let's Connect sessions.” 

Would you recommend the network to others? If so, why?

“I would recommend the network to others, a comfortable, safe place to spend time, get to know others and hopefully reduce the feeling of isolation, which has certainly been the case for me.

I'd like to say thank you for the opportunity to share my experience of the Let's Connect Network and the help and support it's given me. I look forward to seeing the network continue to grow and being a part of that.”

 Find out more about the Let’s Connect Wellbeing Network on our website

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