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Love is love

Love doesn't know stereotypes

Bi-visibility Day, being held on 23 September, is a day to celebrate the lives of bi-sexual people and gain a better understanding so that we can support each other better.

Bi-sexual people are attracted to people of more than one gender and often face stigma and discrimination, even from others in the LGBT+ community.

Helpful things to know

  • Be mindful that people in opposite sex relationships may not consider themselves heterosexual
  • We can be supportive of bi people with acceptance and by encouraging them to be the people that they want to be
  • By not making assumptions we give people space to tell their stories in their own time
  • Try to remember that people in opposite sex relationships at LGBT+ events, such as Pride, may be bi

 Bi-sexual people often find it difficult to come out because they don’t feel they are accepted and don’t find it easy to access the level of support that gay or lesbian people get from others in the LGBT+ community.

In figures

32% of bi people aren’t out to anyone in their family, compared with 8% of lesbians and gay men.

40% of bi men and 29% of bi women aren’t out to healthcare professionals.

27% (one in four) bi women and 18% (one in five) bi men have experienced discrimination from others in their local LGBT+ community because of their sexual orientation.

38% of bi people have not come out at work, compared with a much lower number of gay men (7%) and lesbians (4%)

Bi-visibility Day is a great opportunity to learn and listen to the experiences of bi people and remember that relationships are formed from love, which does not fit neatly into stereotypes, but has an amazing power all of its own.

Get involved and show your support

Join an online bi-visibility event which will be held throughout the day 

Are there bi-sexual people you admire who are in the public realm now or were in the past?

Share your bi icons on Twitter using the hashtag #biconic

Check out @bivisibility on Facebook

Check out @BiVisibilityDay on Twitter