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National Apprenticeship Week 2024 Spotlight: Nursery Apprentice Anna's Inspirational Journey

picture of Anna

Meet Anna, one of our dedicated nursery apprentices who recently completed her Level 3 Early Years Educator qualification while working at our Jack-In-The-Box Nursery in Slough. In her own words, Anna shares the transformative impact of her apprenticeship journey.

Published 2 February 2024

Describing the apprenticeship, Anna says:

“This was a life changing opportunity as it allows me to grow as a person and learn more about the industry It allows me to work with children, something I have already enjoyed doing, and has given me more skills, knowledge and confidence.

 “I enjoyed the apprenticeship as I found new abilities in myself, including strengths and areas to improve on. English is my second language and this has helped me to find that I am capable and can achieve things. It has given me pride to achieve something. This has helped me to develop things I did not have before I started the course and I have surprised myself. I was pleased to pass my Maths and English qualifications alongside.

I had lots of support and am grateful for it. I had time to complete my studies and had extra time to work my course, especially my Maths qualification during work hours. The management team were always supportive, answered my questions and guided me.”

What would you say to others unsure of what to do or considering starting an apprenticeship?

“It is definitely a good opportunity to perhaps change your life or to start a new career. Don’t doubt yourself, give it a go, then you will know what you are able to achieve. It was an enjoyable course and the time went fast. I don’t regret it, I’m so happy I have done it. If you have a passion and you feel something is a dream job, you should put all the effort into it to work in the industry you want”.

Congratulations to Anna on her amazing achievement!

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