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Our L&D team sleep outside for Launchpad Reading

On 1 September our L&D ( Liaison and Diversion team) slept outside in cardboard boxes, for the charity Launchpad. Launchpad support our L&D team in assisting people with different vulnerabilities, to find a roof over their head and help them access appropriate resources in order to rebuild their lives. The evening started with a few presentations from staff, patients and Launchpad’s patron along with a cup of hot soup – to keep everyone warm for rest of the night. The team slept outside from 7pm to 6am.

Sarah Hansen, Senior Nurse Practitioner explained her reasons for choosing to be involved in this great cause.

‘I chose to be a part of fundraising for this Charity because I have already begun to appreciate the work they do. The majority of people whom I assess are vulnerable because they are homeless and using drugs to cope with their harsh reality. So in turn they are stealing and committing crimes to fund this habit as they cannot access benefits without a fixed home. More often than not they have mental health issues but these are overshadowed by the fact that they are barely surviving, and mental health services cannot help them due to their addictions or having no fixed home. Homelessness in Reading is rife and Launchpad are at the centre of this work alongside charities such as St Mungo’s. If they did not exist then my job would be a whole lot tougher and a lot less rewarding.’

It was a successful evening with £30,000 being raised for Launchpad. Donations are still coming in. This is just one great example of where our staff go above and beyond to help their patients.