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Our nursery receives gold award in oral health hygiene


Our Jack in the Box Nursery at Upton Hospital in Slough has been successfully accredited the gold award for oral health hygiene.

This is part of the Oral Health promotion project, provided by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and commissioned by Slough Borough Council Public Health. The project aims to train early years staff in supervised tooth brushing and knowledge around good oral health.

The nursery now has tooth brushing for all children (including the babies) an hour after lunch. They also sing the two minute long 'toothbrush song' to help the children time their brushing.

Maintaining good oral health is a lifelong practice that starts from birth. A poor diet not only leads to dental decay, but is linked to other chronic health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

A regular teeth-cleaning routine is essential for good dental health.

Visit the NHS website for tips on keeping you and your kids' teeth decay-free