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Out and Proud Parents Day 2022

Out and Proud Parents Day 2022 logo

30 July is Out and Proud Parents Day, where parents of members of the LGBTQ+ community are encouraged to stand up and come out as Proud Parents.

The key objective of the day is to create parental role models within communities, helping to inspire and support other parents who are struggling to understand or accept their children’s sexuality or gender identity. It is on this day that we celebrate parents of the community and the love they have for their children.

With 64% of UK LGBTQ+ individuals who are rejected by their parents experiencing anxiety, depression & suicidal thoughts and with LGBTQ+ individuals from a religious or conservative background being 30% less likely to be out to their parents compared to other UK LGBTQ+ individuals, it is vital that we spread awareness of the importance of parental support, showing the power of acceptance and inclusivity for loved ones within the LGBTQ+ community.

How can I meet some out and proud parents?

The Out and Proud Parents website has video diaries from parents and others playing an important role in supporting, educating and inspiring other parents to accept their LGBTQI+ children.

Visit the Out and Proud Parents website to watch the videos (opens new browser tab)

Find out more and get involved

The initiative is always looking for proud parents who are willing to participate in campaigns, videos and share personal stories.

You can find further information about taking part, on the official Out and Proud Parents website.

Visit the Out and Proud Parents Day website (opens new browser tab)

Find out more

There are communities you can turn to for support and more information.

Visit the Families Together London website (opens new browser tab)

Read advice if you think your child might be LGBTQ+, on the Stonewall website (opens new browser tab)

Visit the LGBTQI+ Services - Naz and Matt Foundation website (opens new browser tab)