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We're united against racism

We know that our ethnically diverse community experience inequalities in access, experience and outcomes in health services compared to white groups.

We know that there are unacceptable disparities in experience for our ethnically diverse colleagues

  • Ethnically diverse colleagues are 10.9% more likely to experience harassment, bullying or abuse from members of the public
  • White colleagues are up to 1.93 times more likely to progress their career
  • Ethnically diverse colleagues are 5.4% more likely to experience harassment, bullying or abuse from colleagues
  • 81% of incidents reported with a discrimination element relate to race

See our Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) 2022 report

This needs to change. We’ve made a commitment to tackle racism and have set ourselves the goal of becoming an anti-racist organisation.

‘Not being racist’ is not enough – we need to actively work together to address all types and impacts of racism.

Our action statement and strategy

We're committed to becoming an anti-racist organisation, in a purposeful and impactful way as part of our corporate strategy.

We take an active role in identifying and addressing all types and impacts of racism, not just when it is obvious.

Read our Unity Against Racism statement and strategy