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What our staff say about working here

Photo of our nursing staff, Berkshire Healthcare

What our staff say about working here

Every year, the NHS carries out a staff survey to capture feedback from on staff of their experience at work.

2,616 of our staff (61%) completed the 2019 staff survey. This is our highest ever response rate, and a positive indicator that our staff feel their feedback is valued and changes are made as a result. 

How are we doing?

We’re proud of our staff and the high quality of care they provide to patients, so we’re delighted that 91% said they believe their role makes a difference to patients (the average is 88%), and 84% said they feel that patient care is Berkshire Healthcare’s top priority. (The average is 76%).

The survey results showed we scored above average for all Community and Mental Health Trusts in 10 out of the eleven themes.

In particular, we scored well for: 

  • Staff recommending Berkshire Healthcare as a place to work – 70% compare to an average of 62%
  • Staff engagement – we achieved a score of 7.4 (on a scale of 0-10) compared to the average of 7.1. This is the second highest engagement score for all Community and Mental Health trusts.


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