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Peer Support and Support Time Recovery

Peer Support and Support Time Recovery (STR) teams work alongside liaison and diversion practitioners to support people going through the criminal justice system.

They work in custody and in court, and can help you with:

  • mental health support
  • learning disabilities
  • substance misuse
  • homelessness
  • financial needs
  • social or emotional difficulties
  • providing support for court appearances 

Peer Support workers have first-hand experience of the criminal justice system and other issues that many of our service users are experiencing. This common ground creates a relationship of trust and understanding. Being supported by staff with lived experienced can help you believe that recovery is possible. 

Both Peer Support and STR workers support service users to engage with wider treatment services including drug and alcohol and adult mental health. 

Peer Support and STR workers act as advocates for you at a time when you might feel isolated, confused and misunderstood. They can help with communication barriers which may support your recovery. 

Peer Support and STR workers can signpost you to organisations who can assist you in your recovery and help break the cycle of offending. Often, they will make referrals on your behalf and attend initial appointments to support you as you take your first steps towards recovery. 

The team work primarily with adults but can also assist clients aged under 18. Peer support is an all age service – both adults and young people. 

The service has been designed with service user feedback at its core. The service model has been developed by regularly engaging with former service users in forums and steering groups.

Anyone who is in custody or waiting to appear in court for an offence can request to see a peer support, support time recovery worker or a liaison and diversion practitioner.

You can self-refer at any time before sentencing has taken place. 

We operate a Monday to Friday service during the hours of 9am – 5pm

Call 0300 365 5555