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Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression team (PMVA)

Our PMVA team provides training to our staff in the prevention and management of any violence or aggression across all our services, including all our mental health services.

We also provide training for other organisations which provide health and social care, such as GP’s, walk-in centres and residential care homes.

Our training includes both non-physical and physical skills to help both teams and individuals when faced with challenging behaviour. We also provide advice around personal safety and post incident support.

All of our training is in line with current best practice guidance related to the therapeutic management of violence and aggression, taking into account:

  • NICE Clinical Guideline 10 (2015)
  • Department of Health Positive and Proactive Care (2014)
  • NHS Protect guidance for non-physical interventions training in mental health and learning disability services
  • General Services Association guidance regarding physical and non-physical interventions training

Alyson Price, PMVA Instructor

Call 07824 626931

Email alyson.price@berkshire.nhs.uk

Mark Bond, Personal Safety Lead

Call 07824 626942

Email mark.bond@berkshire.nhs.uk

We understand that being in hospital can make some patients feel unsettled. 

Due to their mental health condition, some patients may feel uneasy and may be a risk to themselves or to other patients and staff. 

We’re committed to working in the spirit of the Act, and to use methods to help keep patients calm and our staff safe while we provide care. 

Read our Use of Force leaflet (pdf)