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Our Support Hope and Recovery/Resources Online Network (SHaRON) provides a safe digital space for you to talk to with peers who have had similar experiences, at any time of day or night.

During the day you can also chat with care professionals for advice and guidance. Access to SHaRON is only available to people who have been referred.

SHaRON may be offered as part of treatment in some of our services, including:  

  • Eating disorders 
  • Perinatal care 
  • Learning disabilities 
  • Talking Therapies 
  • CAMHS Anxiety and Depression
  • Neurodiversity Autism and ADHD
  • Mental Health

Peer support is when people use their own experiences to help others, which studies have shown can have a positive effect on recovery.

SHaRON provides a safe and secure place for you to share your thoughts with others who are on a similar treatment journey. It can also be used by relatives and carers who are supporting a loved one with their needs.

You can also talk to our moderating team, which includes experienced clinicians, former service patients, and volunteers. 

When you log in to SHaRON, you’ll be able to find support resources such as: 

  • Forums, and a library of resources
  • Videos, and links to other related videos 
  • Blogs
  • The Wall – a space to talk with clinicians and peers who can provide real-time commentary and support
  • Contact details to engage with clinicians and moderators during office hours

To access SHaRON, you’ll need to be referred by your GP or healthcare professional.  

Call 0300 365 2000 

Email gateway@berkshire.nhs.uk  

Once we’ve received your referral, our expert teams will assess whether or not SHaRON is the right place for you to find support. 

If your referral is approved, you’ll be invited to join SHaRON. 

You can then login to SHaRON on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Visit our SHaRON website to find out more

Visit the NHS England website to read more about the SHaRON system


Access to SHaRON is by referral only, so only invited members can use it.

You can sign in anonymously, meaning you can focus on your treatment, and not worry about sharing your name or private details.