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Support guides and videos

Resources to help you if you're a wheelchair users, or you help someone who is.

You can watch the videos on this page, or use the links to watch them directly on YouTube.

How to use a manual wheelchair (Part 1): Parts of the wheelchair

This video series directs a care giver how to assist a person who can stand and needs to use a wheelchair. Part 1 of the series directs a care giver on the main parts of a wheelchair. This series was made in collaboration with Dr Margaret McGrath at NUI Galway and the National Digital Learning Resources (NDLR) in Ireland.

 Watch the Manual Wheelchair guide video on YouTube (opens new browser tab)


Read our Wheelchair Positioning guide (pdf)

Manual Wheelchair guide

Read our guide leaflet on how to use your manual wheelchair (pdf)

Powered Wheelchair guide

Read our guide leaflet on how to use powered wheelchairs correctly (pdf)

How to use a wheelchair safely

Using a wheelchair and assisting wheelchair users guide (pdf)

Watch the video from WhizzKidzUK about Power Wheelchair Skills. 

The speaker does wear a face mask in parts of the video. You can use turn on subtitles in the video if you can't hear what the speaker is saying. 

Visit the WhizzKidsUK YouTube channel for more guide videos (opens new browser tab)

The Wheelchair Skills Channel

The Wheelchair Skills College - YouTube

Positioning your child in their wheelchair

A video guide produced by Milbrook healthcare group.

Watch the Child Seating video on YouTube (opens new browser tab)

Our wheelchairs are maintained and repaired by Ross Care. Please call them to arrange collections or repairs.

Their teams are available for contact and support from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. They have an out of hours emergency repair service between 7am and 8am and 5pm and 11pm.

At weekends and on bank holidays their emergency service operates between 7am and 11pm.

Call 0333 999 2593 and press option 2, or

Call 0333 234 0303